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As a creative designer, my main intention for the Osetra project was to compose an environment that accommodates my clients vision and objectives while simultaneously enhancing the function, safety and aesthetics of the room.

It was essential in this process to develop a clear conception of the cultural tone we were going to integrate into the space. My inspiration therefore derived from a love of nature and included beautiful natural elements juxtaposed with man made artistic expressions.Forms, movement and color were derived from caviar and champagne two integral pieces of inspiration. Crystal chandelier drops were a representation of caviar and the motion of color on the walls. Duplicating shapes and reflections enhanced the whole space. I also integrated antique with modern forms that bring in a sense of unique depth and harmony to Osetra.

Osetra is here to stimulate and inspire people to try something new and foster positive change. I invite you into my vibe life.  I did it for love... For the love of art ... for the love of Nature .... For the love of food... for the love of sparkle... for the glamor that I thought Naples was ready to experience.

I want to thank the local community of artists for the support and help in the creation of Osetra. Special thanks to the people that supported me to create this one of a kind vision.

For design services and art sales, please contact:
Danielle Masseria

Waterline - Ran Adler Studios

There is always a moment in childhood when a door opens and lets in the future. As a young boy, I stood on the shallow banks of the Missouri River and stared into the small currents running contrary to the main flow, sometimes rotating into furious whirlpools. Some 45 years later, I transcended the limits of memory, finding expression in the very elements that surrounded me as a child. In the art of assemblage I use the various natural components each united by the common characteristic of having grown around us, often without the encouragement or interference of man. Through the process of gathering, cutting, intense weeding and wiring, I manipulate these elements to achieve an ultimately new essence of form and texture... simultaneously... organic and ironic. Inspired by the 13th century poet Rumi, I have created my own aesthetic philosophy. Because of the repetition involved in my work I have found my own personal form of prayer. Living within this honesty, I have uncovered a bond with nature and God.

Fine Art by Trinh Mai

While my work shares insight into my personal life experiences, it also communicates the messages that have found their rhythms in the human experience to remind us that there is nothing new under the sun. Drawn from intimate experiences of heartache and triumph, of struggle and perseverance, and of loss and fulfillment, my paintings strive to comfort and share the faith that has fostered me during these times. In the development of my art, I work intuitively, creating a dialogue with my work as I manipulate paint and other mediums to describe emotion, narrative, and concept. Through color, form, line, space, gesture, or movement, I aim to investigate both the challenges and the gifts that Life brings. Painting is a means for me to connect with the subconscious and the spiritual, to make the intangible tangible and the unseen visible, and at times, to find comfort in the seemingly unbearable. Through my work, I share my spiritual journey. Fine Art by Trinh Mai By Means of God Oil on canvas 60 x 72" I am always fascinated when my good friend Huda speaks with her mother in their native tongue. Arabic is a calming language, and its sound is described by the graceful movement of the written language itself.Inspired by the gestural quality of Arabic calligraphy, this painting seeks to convey the message through the Spirit alone.
For more information please Contact Danielle Masseria 707-320-8209

Juan Diaz

Special thanks for the inspiring influence Juan had on the creation of Osetra.... his sense of color, perspective and brush strokes created the movement of passion through out the space.

Juan Diaz is the eldest child and only son of three children born to a closely-knit family in Bogotá Colombia, South America. His father was a professional sculptor and ceramist in Colombia who graduated from the National University in Colombia with an emphasis in fine art. When Juan was a child, his father recognized his son’s natural creative intelligence and artist gifts within the first five years of his life. While his father worked at his drafting table, Juan as a small child would often sit on his father's lap and was encouraged to draw whatever came into his mind.
At age nine, Juan was encouraged to watch his father work while sculpting ceramics and soon learned to work with clay and create three-dimensional objects. This gave him a unique insight into dimension and perspective few children learn at such a young age. His father helped Juan create and use armatures that served as a foundation for this young student to mold with clay and understand the fundamentals of anatomy. This naturally led to Juan starting to use watercolors and oils to expand the basics of his artistic skills. It was during these early formative years his father taught him the skills of viewing others and the natural environment through studying the movement of shadows and seeing the range of colors rather than copying from photographs or merely imitating the works of other artists.
Juan’s style and early mastery in drawing and the use of oils earned him a range of awards for Best in Show and various scholarships from the VonLibeig Art Center and the Marco Island Art League. Following graduation from high school Juan continued to independently study the works, styles, and techniques of master artists from the United States, Europe and South America.
In early 2006, an artist associate of Juan’s arranged to have him meet and show his art portfolio to the international artist and juror, Jonathan Green who resides in Naples, Florida. Mr. Green was impressed with his composition skills and his outstanding use of geometric planes and understanding of perspective. At that time, Mr. Green and his business partner offered Juan an internship with Jonathan Green Studios, Inc. in Naples, Florida. Since February of 2006 Juan has been mentored by Jonathan Green and is receiving guidance in the business of art from his studio director. Since that time, he has been featured in eight major group exhibitions in Southwest Florida.


For more information please Contact Danielle Masseria 707-320-8209

Misa Verbeek

Misa Verbeek was born in the Czech Republic. She attended the best business school in her native city, but could not put aside her love for art. In 2000, Misa came to the U.S., bringing with her the same hope and inspiration she had as a child. After a couple of years, Misa opened a gallery and has exhibited in Chicago and numerous art shows across the country.

Throughout her life, her emphasis has been the study of color and its emotional impact on our well-being. Whether wood, metal or abstract, the rhythm of brushstrokes...a flowing mix of muted color with the contrapuntal pulls of feelings and inspiration...she transforms realism into an equally intense observation of surface. It was here, that she arrived at her own signature style that blends several artistic genres into a blissful harmony. It needs no interpretation. Her work crosses all borders and boundaries to create an expression of spirit and beauty that all audiences can relate to.

Through my work, I aspire to bring our visions, feelings, thoughts and inspirations to life.''


Bara Babu Mahto


42 inches x 54 inches - Acrylic on canvas
USD $5,600/-
Art has the potential to touch people on deeper levels of consciousness. Artists not only document social change, they also promote, inform and shape it. Whether through music, dance, plays, paintings, films, sculpture, poetry etc. – art is powerful. Artists do not have any caste or religion and always try to put their creative capacity at the service of the people. - Bara Babu Mahto

Bara Babu was born and spent the first 10 years of his life in an underdeveloped village named Tajpur in Bihar. He grew up in an absolute rural environment enjoying a typical village childhood in nature’s lap. He treasures his childhood in the village as being a beautiful part of his life. To pursue education, he had to leave the village and move to Delhi.

Being a ten-year-old child, his early days in Delhi were full of dismay and resentment. He lived with his relatives and sought admission to a government school. His classmates in Delhi were unlike his village friends. Fortunately, his schoolteacher, Mr. Dilbag Singh Gill guided him to get into the art field. As a result, he got a Bachelors in Fine Arts and subsequently a Masters in Fine Arts, from Jamia Millia University, New Delhi. In his initial days of college he felt emotional, disturbed and sensitive when he used to see the stark difference between rural and urban culture.

I believe the hardest part in my artistic process is conceiving the ideas from day-to-day activities of life and then substantiating them. However, being technically sound is equally important but that can be developed gradually with due course of time and practice. Ideas and their execution is what matters most to me. - Bara Babu Mahto

Bara Babu has not titled this piece. He believes that art invokes thought, emotion and imagination in the viewer based on their individual mindset or life experience. Without prompting the viewer with his thought process, he wants to open the doors to let the viewer engage with his work and have the freedom to interpret it without bias.

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